Monday, April 25, 2011

Helping to old people

Since 2006, Choje Lama Phuntsok has been doing what he can to help the old people of Manang. A few years ago, a German group called Himalaya Karuna started supporting this project and has been very helpful ever since. Due to the extremely cold winters and the deep snow in this isolated region of Nepal, older people who were alone and had nobody to care for them were becoming more and more distraught, and many committed suicide. When Choje Phuntsok heard about this, he found a few younger people living in Manang who agreed to bring the elderly food, firewood, and other necessities they drastically needed in order to get through the harsh winter months. On behalf of the needy, we want to thank everyone who has been generous towards these wonderful people, not only in thoughts and words, but in deeds. Click here to see more photos. Thanks...

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